Reliable Short Term Support for Safe and Independent Home Living

reliable short term support

Our Services

Living Alone

Helping You Live Independently

We provide friendly support to help you stay in your home and community for as long as possible. We’re flexible and can adjust to what you need, to ensure you remain living independently in your own home.

Personalized Support

Personalised Support

Everyone is different, so we’ll work with you to find the best solutions for your situation. We’ll also connect you with other services if you need more help.


Building a Support Network

We’ll help you build connections and friendships to reduce loneliness and help you get involved in your community. We’re committed to making sure everyone feels included and supported, no matter what your background is.

Support Timeframe

Our Support Timeframe

Our support usually lasts for up to 12 weeks, but we’ll keep in touch afterward to make sure you’re still doing well and to offer any additional help you might need.

Getting the benefits you are entitled to

Getting the Benefits You Are Entitled To

We’ll help you understand what benefits you’re entitled to and how to get them. Our goal is to ease any financial worries you may have.

About Derbyshire Low Level Support

Derbyshire Low Level Support empowers adults to maintain their independence and well-being at home, through a collaborative offer by Citizens Advice Mid Mercia (CAMM), Derbyshire County CouncilSouth Derbyshire CVS (SDCVS) and Revival. Our preventative service is dedicated to supporting adults who may not qualify for traditional social care or NHS assistance but whose needs could get worse without action.

Who can use the service?

We see the person beyond their circumstances. Our service is tailored to adults who may experience challenges that directly affect their ability to live independently.

You must:

• Be over 18

• Reside in Derbyshire excluding Derby City

• Live in any housing tenure

• Need support to live and remain independently in the home

Please click the button above to learn more and see if you could benefit from Derbyshire Low Level Support.

who can use the service

Who can refer?

We welcome referrals from various sources, including:

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Adults seeking support for themselves.

Safe and Comfortable

Family members or caregivers concerned about a loved one's well-being.

health shield

Healthcare professionals, social workers, or community support workers.

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Housing associations or local authorities

Please ask for permission from the individual before you make a referral.

What support is available

We can help you help yourself by connecting you with a range of local services.

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Living Alone icon
Personalised Support
Building a support network
Support Timeframe
Getting the benefits you are entitled to

• Housing related support
• Information, advice and support to ensure a persons home is safe, suitable and meets the needs of that person
• Offering guidance on accessing relevant community services, benefits, and resources to address specific needs and concerns
• Providing access to services that help you with managing your general well-being

Take a look at our services page for more information.

Our Stories

Mabel’s Story

Mabel’s Story Meet Mabel, whose story represents someone facing challenges such as grief, isolation and independence. Mabel is around 58 years old

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