Max's Story

Meet Max, whose story represents someone facing family, employment and housing challenges. Max is approximately 37 years old, recently divorced his wife and now assumes full custody of his four children, aged 5, 6, 11, and 12. They reside in a rented home in South Derbyshire, which suffers from neglect and extensive mould and damp issues. With a monthly rent of £750, Max finds it difficult to afford the payments. Complicating matters, his youngest child has autism, yet Max lacks suitable support systems. Despite a desire to work, Max struggles with depression, getting in the way of seeking help.

 How Derbyshire Low Level Support Can Help
Initiating Contact
Max talks through his situation with the supportive Triage team, where his needs are assessed according to criteria. He is asked for permission for his information to be securely stored so that he can be assisted smoothly in the future.
Triage and Assessment
A trained Triage Assessor speaks to Max on the telephone, to understand his needs, they discuss available support, and sets out a plan for how he can be supported. Information from other professionals helps with the assessment, making sure there is a full understanding of Max’s situation.
Developing a Support Plan
Following this, a Support Worker makes an in-home visit and talks with Max to identify areas where he needs help. Together, they explore various support options.
  • Exploring existing support networks for single parents and potential referrals to programmes like Dad’s Space.
  •  Identifying social support options, such as befriending services and community clubs to help with feelings of isolation.
  • Recommending psychological therapies through Trent PTS or mental health support from P3.
  • Assisting discussions with the Housing Options Team and accessing government home improvement grants.
  •  Working with a CAMM (Citizens Advice Mid Mercia) Caseworker for benefit checks, budgeting advice, and support with claiming child maintenance and disability-related benefits.
Through working together with Max, Derbyshire Low Level Support aims to empower him and his family, safeguarding their well-being and stability while they are facing challenging circumstances.
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